A Collection of images from customer projects.

Let us know what your projects are and we will feature you on Customer Creations!

Re-Upcycled Table and Chairs

This table and chairs has been re-upcycled using Bedec MSP, the green really gives it a new look.

Stained Love Seat

This wooden love seat had been left out in the winter elements, with no protection. A sanding down and a few coats of Ronseal Quick Dry Woodstain has brought it back to its former glory and ready for the summer!!

The Mirror Project

This old mirror has been faithfully restored and hung at our house. I used Leyland Trade Gloss mixed in Chelsea, the deep blue giving a lovely finish.

Bedroom re-model

This customer creation shows a before and after shot of a bedroom. The customer used Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt mixed her in store, and replaced built in units to create more light and space. We think this is a fantastic transformation.

Newly Glossed Door

This great looking door, glossed with Leyland Trade Hugh Gloss, mixed here in store, was sent in by Matt @37_hq_ We think it looks fantastic, and they’ve done a really great job.

Leyland Trade Masonry Job

This customer creation is actually our house. We brightened the front using Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry, available instore, to give a summery feel on these somewhat un-summery days.

House Paint

A subtle but striking change in colour from the bottom picture to the top. This house was transformed using Leyland Trade Truguard Smooth Masonry Paint available here in store.

Cuprinol Garden Shades Back Garden

Another great Customer Creation to share with you. This customer used Cuprinol Garden Shades that were mixed here at Paint Spot to really brighten their back garden ready for the summer!! A lovely job done here!!

Mexican Pine Upcycle

This Mexican Pine chest of drawers was transformed with Dulux Quick Drying Satinwood mixed in store. The customer used a Prodec Mini Roller Set and some fine artist brushes, also all available here at The Paint Spot. We think this is another brilliant transformation!! If you’ve got pictures for your projects please share them with us!!

Paint Spot Creation

Customer Creations with a twist! We inherited an old nest of tables and as we like to practice what we preach...we decided to upcycle them using our own products.They were sanded and then primed with Blackfriar Acrylic Primer Underocat. Due to the size of the tables, we then used #duluxtrade mixed tester pots to add colour. Finally we used Blackfriar Quick Drying Clear Matt Varnish to seal and protect. For the whole project we used Harris 6 Piece upcycle kit, all products available in store.

Camper Van Upcycle

Customer George Hall upcycled her family camper van using Dulux Trade Tester Pots, Leyland Trade Acrylic Primer Undercoat, Zinsser Bin and Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Durable Quick Drying Polyurethane Varnish.

Surfing Mural

This fantastic mural was created in Newquay by artist Maia Walczak Art​ using Dulux Trade Paint, purchased here, at The Paint Spot​. Are you inspired?

Bedroom Feature Wall

This great bedroom transformation, with brilliant Peter Pan silhouette, was done by @tfkbooties who told us she was a complete amateur with painting. Our staff took time with her to explain what she would need, how much Paint she would need and helped her choose colours. She used Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt, Royal Regatta 2 and 6 that are available in store. We think she’s done a brilliant job!!

House updating

These images were taken by a customer who has used Leyland Trade Acrylic Primer Undercoat, Oil Based Eggshell and Vinyl Matt to paint furniture and walls.

Cedar Gate

A customer recently built this gate using Cedar. They then used the fantastic Liberon Decking Oil to protect it. This brought out the brilliant colours and grain within the wood.

Guinea Pig Hutch

An up-cycled Guinea Pig Hutch using Cuprinol Garden Shades (Purple Slate).

Kook Smoothie Bar, Newquay

A smoothie bar in Newquay used Bedec MSP on their outside table area, Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain on the decking and Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt on the interior walls.

School Outdoor Area

A selection of images from a school outdoor area, vibrant colours painted with Cuprinol Garden Shades

Welsh Dresser

A before and after shot of an up-cycled Welsh Dresser using Bedec MSP.

Up Cycled Bed

A customer lightened what was a black bed, with Bedec MSP.

A Downstairs Toilet

A customer who has used Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt in a light grey in their downstairs toilet.

Close up of Decking

A close up of a decking, situated on a camp site open to the elements. The customer painted with Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain-Boston Teak.

Garden Table and Chairs

A metal table and chairs using Bedec MSP with a satin finish.

Wallpaper Repair

A fantastic wallpaper repair job, by a very nervous first time wallpapering customer.

Dining Set

A very old table and chairs, taken from a closing down restaurant and rejuvenated with Bedec MSP

1950's Alloy Sink

Restored 1950's alloy sink, using Leyland Trade gloss.

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