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How can colour change your room?

When you start a new project, your choice of colour scheme can enhance or detract from your room. Colour and pattern can also alter both shape and atmosphere.

To be able to pick the right colour and pattern for your project, there is a list of questions that you should first address:

  • Is the room that you are painting warm or cold?

  • How much natural light do you get?

  • What are the dimensions? Long and narrow? Small yet high-ceilinged?

  • What is its use?

As with any job, ensuring that you carefully plan in preparation for making changes, should ensure success.

Choosing the style-

There are a huge variety of paints and wallpapers on the market, encompassing an even larger selection of colours and styles. Here, your planning becomes very important. Try to not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Only take small selections of swatches and tester pots. If your room becomes a patchwork, you may become more confused.

How colours are placed affect your room:

  • A warm colour will create a cosy effect, drawing surfaces closer, whereas cooler colours slightly take surfaces away, allowing an illusion of space.

  • A darker colours can draw ceilings lower, and if also used on the floor can make the room seem to shrink.

  • Vertical stripes will draw your glance upwards, appearing to heighten a room.

  • Large patterned wallpapers Large patters bring walls towards you and can be used to best effect in large rooms.

  • In a similar fashion to cooler colours, small patterns will create an illusion of space.

  • Darker colour on the lower walls encloses the space; a light area above creates an illusion of space.

If you would like more assistance with picking your colour scheme, feel free to ask in store.

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