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Paint Finishes- What should you use?

As you may have realised, paint isn't just paint. Depending on the job you are going to do, the choice of paint finish is as important as the colour. Make the wrong choice of either, and you are going to be starting again from scratch. We will try to give you a basic break down here of some of the products we sell and what they can be used for.


  • Vinyl Matt - A paint for general use. The paint of choice for the majority of customers. Has no sheen, great for interior walls and ceilings.

  • Vinyl Silk - Another paint for general use, however has a much higher sheen. This paint is washable and can be light reflecting. Suitable for walls and ceilings.

  • Vinyl Soft Sheen - Again, a paint for general use. The sheen level falls between Vinyl Matt and Silk, popular for use in kitchen and bathrooms where wiping is more prevalent. For use on walls and ceilings.


  • Satinwood - A tough and durable paint, providing a high quality satin finish. This paint can be self undercoating, saving time, and is suitable for interior wood and metal surfaces.

  • Eggshell - A tough, durable and washable paint, giving a mid sheen finish. Again, suitable for interior wood and metal work.

  • Gloss - Giving a high sheen finish, this is a very tough and durable paint for interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces.

The Woodwork paints are available as both water based and solvent based. Dependant on the base, the properties of each will alter slightly. The solvent based paints are tougher and more durable, but do tend to yellow eventually, smell when being applied and take much longer to dry. The water based products give the same finish, need to be applied with care and are quick drying.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into what you may need. All of the paints mentioned here are available to be mixed into a multitude of colours and come in both Dulux Trade and Leyland Trade.

For more information please don't hesitate to call in and ask us.

Happy Painting!!

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