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Make the outside of your house sparkle!

The first thing people see when they come to your house is the outside. So why should it be less important than your interior walls? At this time of year, you, your family and friends will be trying to spend much more time outside, so making the outside inviting is very important.

We have seen a huge growth in the use of coloured masonry and wood paints in recent times, with people being more imaginative and brave with their exterior decorating. This is echoed in the choice of product available for these outside jobs.

However, to ensure that your garden, shed, walls or doors are gleaming for bar-b-que season, you must ensure the work is prepared. As with all decorating jobs, making the most of your preparation will ensure less time spent touching up at a later date. The products to use are fungicidal spray or fungicidal wash, we will go into more detail with these products in a later post.

Cuprinol Garden Shades is currently a product moving very quickly off the shelves. The variety of colours available and the versatility of the product makes for a great product. Their tag line of; "Protects Perfectly, Colours Beautifully" is especially true marketing. The colours are vibrant, and the protection excellent.

Traditional products such as gloss and varnish are still excellent choices. If you are treating exterior wood, and would like to keep the natural colour, then a varnish like Ronseal Crystal Clear is excellent. Not only will you get fantastic protection, but the water based nature of the varnish ensures no change in colouration. As with the whole Ronseal range, their tag line of "Does exactly what it says on the tin", is true here.

Masonry Paint- once you have cleaned your walls you are ready to paint. We sell Masonry Paint comes in three styles; smooth, textured, pliolite. There are subtle differences in these, but they will affect the job (and the price). Smooth is the traditional style, usually with a matt finish. The majority of painted houses would have smooth masonry paint. It has good coverage, fairly easy application and can be mixed into a huge range of colours. Textured masonry is good to use if you have cracking walls or poor surfaces to paint on. In that sense it is good, however, it can hold more dirt and therefore be harder to keep clean. Pliolite masonry is a special masonry paint with a resin base. It is shower proof within half an hour, and leaves the walls looking smooth, with a slight sheen and an almost rubbery feel. This allows dirt, rain etc to bean and roll off the surface. It is an excellent product, but slightly more expensive due to the technology.

Please remember, any work that you do outside, will be affected by the conditions. An example of this being, if you are painting a South facing wall or fence, then colours will fade quicker than normal. This means that you need to choose your colours carefully. Darker colours will fade the quickest.

So now you've done this, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the summer!

This is just a snapshot of what we have available. If you have any further questions please come in and ask us, we will be happy to help.

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