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FAQs - The DIYer Guide

A lot of the time customers come in not only looking for paint, but looking for advice. We are here to help everyone, and to ensure that no one feels nervous or embarrassed about any of the questions they ask.

Here are a few examples-

What is the difference between Acrylic Paint and Oil Based Paint?

Basically, the substance that they are based from. Acrylic is another term for water based. This therefore means that the paint will be quicker drying and smell less. Another difference is that water based paints will not yellow over time, whereas some times oil based paints can slightly change colour over a period of time. However, oil based paints are generally tougher and more hard-wearing compared to their water based counterparts.

What are the different Paint Finishes?

Different paint finishes are used dependant on the surface you are covering and

For more information have a look at our first ever blog post: "Paint Finishes- What Should You Use?"

Why should I use an undercoat?

Unless specified, undercoating is extremely important. Not only does it prepare the surace you are painting, but if used correctly it will enhance the colour you have chosen. Colours can be suggested to use as an undercoat to ensure the best possible colouring and final finish. When working outdoors, and to a certain extent in doors as well, the undercoat provides another layer of protection between the substrate and the elements.

What paint should go on what surface?

There are a multitude of different paints to match the amount of different surfaces that need painting. For this question we would refer you to our previous post - "Paint Finishes - What should you use?"

Can I use a normal gloss outside?

Yes you can. The best to use is an oil based, due to the strength against the elements. Specialised exterior products have UV filters in them, but the life span of a normal gloss will be fine for outside projects.

Can I use Trade Paint if I'm not a tradesman/woman?

YES!! Trade paint is not designated for tradesmen; it's a different standard of paint. There are two standards- Trade and Retail. The quality of Trade paint is higher, therefore it is better to use and more cost effective. Check out our previous blog Trade and Retail Paint; What's the difference for the Customer?

Below I have left some links to some decorating glossaries written by the teams at:




These give a more detailed insight into the different terms you may hear when preparing for a project.

If you have any more questions, or would like any more information please don't hesitate to call us or pop in.

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